Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The sane guy won

OK, we can all breathe a little easier here in Canadaland and maybe Americaland too. Imagine Romney to the south and together with our fetid swamp of crazies? Not so much maybe of you're a resident of the horn of Africa or parts of Asia, what with the drone wars and all. But then again there too drone wars are probably easier to contend with than full-on invasions - lesser evil at least. Brutal reasoning, but that's how these things go.

My fear however, is that the second Obama win will send the fanatics over the edge and a few of them will do really stupid things.



harebell said...

I'd say the less mad guy won. One is right wing and the other is very right wing. But I guess it's good to be thankful for small mercies/

Steve said...

The most satisfying victory for the progressive's ever. Now lets hope Obama remembers what progressive looks like.