Saturday, November 10, 2012


Blade is or was a slang term used in Canadian Forces to describe someone who throws their fellow soldiers, sailors, or flyers under the bus. I'm sure labour unions and other organisations dependent on cohesive and selfless teamwork have similar terms.

It is often used in jest, but when it isn't it is one of worst criticisms you could level or receive.

That's why I find these two CBC items so interesting.

In the first instance, the CBC discusses the proportiono MPs with military experience and finds there are a number, and they are not all Conservatives.

The second item describes unprecendented protests by decorated and wounded veterans, and the widows of others.

The difference, the fundamental ideological difference between the Conservatives and all the other parties, is that the other parties, one way or degree or another, attempt to maintain care and seek justice for the disadvantaged in Canadian society. If you are or become poor or jobless, if you are or become ill or disabled, aged, if you are a veteran or a caregiver to one, the Bloc, the Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens all support you. By and large they understand that society exists, and that it functions best when everyone is looked after. Some even believe in the idea of responsible government.

The Conservatives on the other hand have no such conviction and actively work against maintaining such obligations of the state. It's why they have their Veterans Charter, and their anti-Roma policy, and their torture policy, etc ad nauseum. They don't believe society exists, they believe only in individuals (defined as homo sapiens sapiens or a corporation) and if you were dumb enough to volunteer to fight in their wars, you understood the risks, and they have little obligation to you besides basic and begrudging life and limb insurance. Despite the pro-military rhetoric, veterans, in their eyes, are little different that someone who is injured in a civilian workplace accident (in a better country we'd all have good vet-type support for workplace accidents).

Your bodyparts have price tags and you are compensated "accordingly" should you find yourself wounded. The evidence is their actions. If they really "supported the troops" they'd not have dreamed of creating a system of double standards and caveats.

If you're a veteran who vigorously supports the Conservatives, you need to justify to your fellows just why you are stabbing them in the back. You're out of excuses.


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Gloria said...

I have told my young relatives. Stay the hell out of Harper's military. Harper will send you to war, throw you on the trash heap, if you are maimed for life.

Six members of my family, served in WW11. Our Canadian boys took Italy. They were 26 miles from Rome. They were ordered to halt. The Americans raced to Rome, and took the glory.

Our Canadians liberated Holland. Canada didn't even get an invite, to Holland's liberation ceremony. Holland certainly appreciated our boys. The made it abundantly clear, just who sacrificed their lives for Holland. Right to this day, we are still in touch with family's, my brother met there.

However, I tell my grand kids. You will even be less appreciated for your sacrifice to-day at war, than our boys in WW11. The Common Wealth didn't recognize our soldiers. Holland did. They will be friends for life and forever. They are upset by what is happening, to their beloved Canada.

Our Canadian soldiers are damned good soldiers, yesterday and today. We have always been proud of our military. What offends our Veterans, young and old, offends us.

Damn good thing, Harper avoided Canada to-day, Nov 11. He timed his trip perfectly. He would not have been welcome anyway.

Way Way Up said...

My best high school buddy is a Major and 20 year veteran in the CF and served multiple tours in Afghanistan. He certainly doesn't need to justify how he votes I would think.

Boris said...

A field commander who failed to heed evidence of enemy activity without justification planning would be removed.

Way Way Up said...

Very true.