Monday, November 19, 2012

Sacred words


Culture is a system of values, beliefs, norms, and narratives. Held in the minds of people it is the glue of shared identity and description. Never quite static and changing slowly over time, it forms the unique corpus of a society. Like a body it can be infected with pathogens. Some are cured, some merely go into remission.

The Holocaust, passed on as the product of different cultural pathogen, re-emerges like a cancer. There are not enough tears in all of history to lament the tragedy that is the Nazi victory.


Way Way Up said...

Time to get tough on Israel and not turn a blind eye.

Boris said...

No, WWU. That isn't the solution. The current Israeli leadership is the issue, and they would see it as a futher victimisation or isolation of Israel and respond with even worse actions.

Way Way Up said...

I think this goes waaay beyond the current leaders of Israel. If they want respect and recognition they need to show it in turn. I think they are doing a good job of isolating themselves as it is. Fuck them. I have no sympathy for these idiots.

Alison said...

Powerful post, Boris.

The day before Jabari was assassinated in a missile strike, joint US and Israeli forces wrapped up their largest military exercise in Israel to date. Austere Challenge 2012 employed 3500 US and 1000 Israeli personnel "aimed at improving interoperability between the US and Israeli militaries".
The exercise culminated in four Patriot missiles being fired from Israel at decoy enemy missiles over the Mediterranean Sea.

Just a coincidence I'm sure that Operation Pillar of Cloud commenced the following day.

The IDF helpfully supply some <a href=">pictures</a>.