Saturday, November 17, 2012

Con v. Internet

Oh, Conservatives! Threatening Teh Internet? Good luck with that.

It's easy to understand why they're afraid of it though. It's bigger than them by (heh) googols, and stands in ideological opposition to them in form and function. The internet has allowed governments to topple and revolutions to manifest.


Silverfox said...

There's more than one way to skin the proverbial cat and more worrisome than any wannabe tyrants and petty dictators in Ottawa are the ones behind closed doors at the UN who've recently announced that they want and need a "kill switch" for the internet as something of a global security measure.

The dicussions surrouding that are heading for a back-room deal with the telecommunications ministers from 193 countries meeting in Dubai next month to hash one out.

What's planned would give not only Harper's but any government that sign's on the ability to completely monitor or shut down the net within their own borders in response to the free exchange of any political, religious, or other ideas they might consider to be "a threat to the state" in whatever way they choose to define that only too convenient term.

They would also be able to impose far more rigid controls that would immediately identify any and every user, their precise location, and every click and keystroke they log in real time the instant they go on-line.

If Russia and China get their way about that no one within their borders will be able to get access without some form of a state imposed identification process and seeking the permission to proceed to whatever sites and activities the state is willing to permit or alow them to engage in.

Any and all of those options would become available to any nation via the UN's own International Telecommunications Union once they have agreed to grant that body the exclusive power and authority to do that on their behalf rather than the more difficult proposition of establishing idividual bodies or agencies of their own inside any of their respective jurisdictions to try and do that.

What you may miss in this backdoor approach is that no nation, imcluding our's, has to actually have the control it is merely handing over or signing away to an international body operating outside of our boundaries to restrict what we can do within them from that vantage point.

Silverfox said...

Before you dismiss any of that out of hand you might also want to consider that there's also a growing cartel of telecom corporations looking to ammend pricing regulations and structures on a global scale that are also involved and behind this and see it as golden oportunity to significantly increase the cost for day to day internet useage including e-mail and social media for all of the countries right accross the board that become a party to that pending agreement.

So the matter is considerably more ominous than you might percieve and all Harper and his minions have to do is lend the poor old UN a helping hand with improving it's lackluster global security activities in order to get exactly what they themselves want in return for it.

Bear in mind that our would-be masters are merely the most visible puppets of other masters of their own that are considerably higher up and less visible and those in turn must answer to still others, yet again.

In the end that authority is so high and powerfull that it's already made sure that there is no suggestion of it's existence much less any mention of it on the net and it fully intends to keep it that way untill there is absolutely no possibility for anyone to do even the slightest thing about it even if they did know.

Don't ever kid yourself about any light being at the end of the tunnel at this juncture because it's almost a forgone conclusion that it's yet another train coming down those tracks to find out who's "up" to being rail-roaded by this one, this time, with still more to follow.

Wise-up. We are at the mercy of an opposition that transcends national boundaries and we were incapable of stopping it from becoming that way which is why we're in this predicament.

Those that led us straight into that had already been bought-off by it or else been convinced by those that had that it was actually the best thing to do for the nation as a whole at the time or that there was really no other choice they could have possibly made.

That is still the general political consensus of all of the parties in this country and none of them are capable of governing in the best interests of the people on any of the the vital issues that are negatively impacting their lives on an ongoing basis because of it.

Day by day from that time onwards that global and trans-national opposition to the interests and well-being of the common people not just here, but everywhere on this planet, has become progressively richer, stronger, more agressive, and more intrusive in it's private pursuit
of complete and absolute control over their daily lives and the ability to manipulate them in whatever ways it sees fit with absolute inpunity while those people and their governments have inexhoribly grown poorer, weaker, and more helpless in the face of it.

meadowlark said...

It isn't the citizens of the world that lie. It's the politicians. There are very few politicians, worth the powder to blow them to hell. They all hate their corruption, being exposed on the internet.

Mind you. Harper giving billions of our tax dollars to, corrupt greedy banks, mines, big business and Harper's favorite charity big oil. That those corporations are given huge tax reductions. This was seen on the House of Commons TV channel. Harper steals from us, to give to the wealthiest outfits in the world.

If Harper gets his own way...There will be no Parliament TV channel. He would get rid of Parliament too. Harper is a dictator, there is no need for a Parliament.

Democracy is vanishing. Civil Rights and Liberties are taken away. Freedom of Speech under attack. Our Human Rights, fading away. Canadians are not even entitled to the jobs, in our own damned country.

No province nor Canadian, (except Alberta of course), is safe in Harper's Canada.

Provinces that don't want to be sold out to Harper's China, had better get the hell out.

Way Way Up said...

Not so sure that Albertans are so safe either. Knowing that our here we are about as far we can get from 308 idiots in Ottawa though does occasionally salve my disdain for politicians.