Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Armoured limos and prime ministerial security

The justification for the Member for Calgary Southwest's choice of ride for the Member's Imperial Excursion to India (does he know they've won independence?) is a little cute. CBC is quoting the Mounties and experts about the risk involved in sending VIPs to India that require limos and and Suburbans and probably a fair number of brawny men in suits.

The deployment of RCMP resources are dictated by operational requirements, including public and officer safety considerations, and a threat assessment of the events/environments," said Cpl. Lucy Shorey in the statement.  "For security reasons, details on the security plans will not be discussed." Ray Boisvert, former assistant director of intelligence with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and now president and CEO of I-Sec Integrated Strategies, said the RCMP's threat assessment would be carried out in cooperation with other agencies such as CSIS and Indian police — and that elements flagged in the "threat matrix" likely warranted enhanced security measures. While it is a democratic country, India has a long history of deep religious and ethnic strife and has been the location of many bombings in past, he said.

Fair enough, but in a place where the threat environment is apparently so severe, not much else screams 'high-value target' to the crazies like a shiny car festooned with flags and surrounded by a large escort. They watch the news too.

If you're still not convinced this is less about security and much more about a flashy ride to another World Stage(tm) gala, recall not long ago when the PMO wanted to repaint the RCAF's tactically garbed CC-150 longhaul multipurpose transport aircraft in flashier colours and designate them VIP only.

Despite the crew-cut babble about threat-matrices and required security measures, such a bold footprint may actually increase risk not only to Harper but also his security entourage. It is the latter who are likely to get wounded or killed in any attempt to harm the former. 

Lastly, the heavy visible Canadian security presence is an insult Harper's Indian hosts. It says in high-explosive font "Canada believes India is unsafe and can't handle visiting VIP security."



kootcoot said...

If Treason Steven is as manly as he would like to pretend maybe he would be willing to come home via Kandahar/Helmond (sp?) Province, where he could drive hisself in his fancy armored car while he does some sapping down IED infested country roads for the troops he loves so much. If he lives we'll let him wear the military regalia he so loves to put on, when he's trying to put us on about how much he loves the troops his government often refuses to pay to bury! Mind you if I was a dead soldier, I would come back to life and bitch if he showed up at my funeral, he could show his respect by staying the F away!

I call chickenhawk, but what else is new?

Steve said...

Hey its only another half million wasted.