Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Navy choppers

I don't know CBC, your typo might be quite accurate...

The helicopters, crammed with modern anti-warfare systems, are considered vital to naval operations, flying off the decks of Canada’s naval frigates to scan the seas for enemy threats. the ultimate anti-warfare system might be an undelivered weapon system. I digress. Nowwithstanding the idea of some sort of supernatural jinx placed upon this country regarding new military flying machines, I wonder if we're better off cancelling with Sikorsky and going with something already in production and service elsewhere. Five years probably means no more Sea Kings.


Holly Stick said...

What's the typo?

Holly Stick said...

Oh, "anti-warfare"? It's been cut out of the article now.

Edstock said...

"the ultimate anti-warfare system"?

Well, if I ran the place, I'd have the Forces recruit just about every sex-trade worker in Canada. Just guessing, but that would give us two divisions: Joy 1 and Joy 2.

Send 'em to Afghanistan and fuck the Taliban.

A lot cheaper than F-35's, gives people jobs, too. Besides, the Canadian forces has a history of putting its ass on the line.

Gloria said...

Canada didn't have any enemies, until Harper. Harper is Canada's number one enemy.

God help us all with Harper and MacKay at the helm. Harper bought some ancient submarines, which aren't even seaworthy.

Harper and MacKay are for the F-35 jets. The F-35 is useless for Canada. Their fuel capacity is far too low, to protect a country as vast as Canada. They only have one engine. If the engine fails, the pilot has to eject and lose the plane. At least with two engines, the pilot can still land the jet, if one engine fails.

As for the helicopters, they may be ready by the next century, along with the F-35 jets.

Now Harper and MacKay are setting up military bases in foreign country's. This is to protect us from our enemies. An utter waste of our tax dollars, AGAIN.

Harper has turned many country's against Canada. Our country used to be welcomed, around the world, until Harper.