Friday, June 29, 2012

Blair FAIL . . .

— Billy ponders a river in Egypt —

BILLY, YA DONE GONE AND SCREWED THE POOCH. According to the Toronto Star, "G20 aftermath: Civilian police board barely asked any questions in leadup to summit", Captain Billy was less than efficient:

The report blames the federal government — which gave Toronto police four months to plan an event that typically requires up to two years of preparation — for contributing to the Toronto police’s shortcomings during the summit.

But it also found the police board was largely in the dark about policing plans and G20 operations.

While some board members felt Chief Bill Blair was being “secretive” or withholding operational information from them, Morden concluded the onus was still on the board to seek out the information it needed to ensure proper civilian oversight.

Just wait for Billy and Dalton to start squealing how innocent they are . . . Memo to Billy: time to go, dude, time to go, before you cause more embarrassment to the force that others, brave men like Const. Leslie Maitland gave their lives in service to their citizens. Billy: compared to them, you are a disgusting piece of political flotsam.


Steve said...

I blame David Miller, he should have said no way no how are you having the G20 in downtown Toronto.

Gloria said...

That was all deliberate. Harper was rabid, to flex his muscles. Breaking heads and beating people, was on Harper's agenda. They said, the police were only following Harper's orders.

Police have also been masked and in peaceful demonstrations, to try and start fights. They refused to uncover their faces. When they were accused of being cops, they vanished.