Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why is this man smiling?

This photo of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty with Canada's last penny cost taxpayers $56,000. 
That is more than many rank and file public servants make in a year. That is the annual salary of a nurse or government clerk or soldier.
So, the next time you get pissed off about how long you had to wait to get get your tax refund or passport processed, or why the hospital emergency room is closed on Sunday or why your friend got laid off from their government job, just remember that this is how the party of fiscal responsibility spends your money on themselves.

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Beijing York said...

Brilliant, Kevin! It would be interesting to see every single Harper Regime official photo-op costed. I'm sure it's quite the pretty penny.

D.A.V. said...

The Minister is smiling because he's giving $56,000 worth of employment to needy Canadians!

West End Bob said...

Gives the saying "a penny for your thoughts" a whole new meaning, doesn't it, Rev. ? ? ? ?

Gloria said...

$56,000 of our tax dollars, is small change for the Harper government to waste.

Think of the billions Harper gives to, banks, mines, oil and gas corporations and big business. Harper also gives them, huge tax reductions. This was seen on the House of Commons TV channel. Harper now does those dastardly deeds, behind closed know??? Harper's totally transparent government.

Harper's $1 billion dollar, stupid fake lake, was just small change for Harper to waste. A whopping $47 million on his security bill, seems that is going up. The more Canadians despise Harper, the higher his security bill goes up.

Flaherty, MacKay and Bev Oda, all abuse our tax dollars for, luxury hotel suites. One member spent, $3 million dollars on plane fare, in just one year. There is also a holiday in Bermuda in question. $50 million on gazebos, is small change to buy a riding. Harper has more than a few lawsuits against him. They will cost Canadians a pretty penny too.

Harper and his Conservatives, started our with a $13 billion dollar surplus. Harper has Canada in the most huge debt, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper and his Conservatives, are the worst, most corrupt government ever, in the memory's of our old timers. They say, Harper is a fascist dictator. I agree with them.