Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tries your patience . . .

THOSE KIND FUNDIES in Afghanistan are at it again, with a disturbing report from CNN, "Video: Taliban shoot woman 9 times in public execution as men cheer".

Officials in Afghanistan, where the amateur video was filmed, believe the woman was executed because two Taliban commanders had a dispute over her, according to the governor of the province where the killing took place.

Both apparently had some kind of relationship with the woman, said Parwan province governor Abdul Basir Salangi. "In order to save face," they accused her of adultery, Salangi said. Then they "faked a court to decide about the fate of this woman and in one hour, they executed the woman," he added.

The public execution is the latest and among the most shocking examples of violence against women in Afghanistan, but it is far from an isolated case.
Nearly nine out of 10 women suffer physical, sexual, or psychological violence or forced marriage at least once in their lifetimes, Human Rights Watch said in its 2012 annual report.

Then there's another CNN report (just one of many), "Official: 160 girls poisoned at Afghan school".

A hospital in northern Afghanistan admitted 160 schoolgirls Tuesday after they were poisoned, a Takhar province police official said.

Their classrooms might have been sprayed with a toxic material before the girls entered, police spokesman Khalilullah Aseer said. He blamed the Taliban.

The incident, the second in a week's time, was reported at the Aahan Dara Girls School in Taluqan, the provincial capital.

Par for the course, unfortunately. It's kulturkampf, of a kind, as a primitive mind-set rebels against the future, and it's going to be another fifty or seventy-five years to get the primitive into a 21st-century mind-set. And as we see with the American Gopper fundies, the Birthers and Baggers, some minds never change.

But we can, with time and patience (lots and lots of patience), create a world where these unfortunate women have a fair chance. But the solution cannot be military: the Muj love dying — it's the effect of TV and the Web and Rock and Roll and education that scares them, and these are the tools we must use.


Gloria said...

Right. Iraq was attacked because of WMD that didn't exist. Then we went on to attack Afghanistan. For what?

We deplore Afghanistan violence towards women and girls. However, you can't change their beliefs, culture nor their religious beliefs. While we can win the battles, we can't win the war. There have been more innocent people killed, than all of the troops put together.

In Canada we have our RCMP male officers, harassing the female RCMP officers. Very horrific and terrible sexual harassment, emotional abuse, demeaning abuse, such as male RCMP holding their crotches, making lewd remarks to the female RCMP officers. Exposing themselves to female officers, threats towards the female officers, if they dare say a word.

I think this country, had better clean up it's own act, before we start on, another country.

There is blatant corruption in Canada. Harper is taking away our country's Democracy, our Civil Rights and Liberties, and our Human Rights are vanishing.

Canada is becoming a, third world country. Harper the great dictator, has some gall preaching Democracy to Afghanistan, or any other country.

Steve said...

I always said about Vietnam and now Afghanistan, rain down counterculture not bombs.

Steve said...

You want to see Harpers dream of the future, look at Chicago today.