Friday, July 20, 2012


There's a serious problem in the military these days. The evidence is mounting that they simply have no idea what they're doing and how it might be perceived by the public who signs their paycheques. It starts with helicopters and fishing trips and goes all the way to Afghanistan.

I read this today and was dumbfounded by unmitigaged bullshit in the Forces' excuse making, which seems these days to push ever closer to lying. "Survival training"? A while back, defending the indefensible especially by the method of scatter-shot excuses made you look weak and incompetent. Not in our Con-model Army.

This is not the way to maintain public support at a time when the CF needs it. Post-Afghanistan is going to be very hard for veterans and serving members as the budget cuts come down and reorganisation plans are implemented while the institutional culture tries to accomodate its involvement in a decade of pointless war.


Beijing York said...

They should practice their "survival skills" by hiking to their fishing destination.

The Mound of Sound said...

Boris we've got a load of serious problems in the military today. They all derive direction from derilect leadership at the top, military and political.

BTW, whatever happened to your colleague, Dave?

Boris said...

Beijing York,
If they were serious, they'd be improvising fish traps and nets out of the materials at hand and without a big yellow flying maching sitting 25m away.

He walks on water you see, and those types tend to disappear and reappear according to their own schedule.

Way Way Up said...

I grew up with a number of dedicated men and women that have proudly served in uniform and it pains me to see their effort and sacrifice turned into bullshit by morons at the top.