Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MLVW 4ever! Updated with "cost concerns"

Wow. No tanks. No planes. No helicopters. No subs. Now, no trucks.

Those trucks are important. The Army cannot move without them. Just watch what happens when we have another Ice Storm and there's no transport. And by my read, this is the second cancellation. The first one was buggered last December, except this time, it looks like the entire contest has been shutdown, not just restarted.

There's a big fat story here clamouring to be told.

Anyone wanna bet those shiny new CCGS and HMCS they promised are next?

At this rate, the Conservatives are going to make the hungry years of the 1990s CF look like a feast.

Ok, so the emerging storyline is that the project was cancelled due to cost concerns. Well, subs, the F-35, etc have not been cancelled due such concerns, which far exceed any perceived or real issues with the cost of a few lorries. But then, with Ministers like this it is unreasonable to expect anything but "astounding incompetence"...

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Purple library guy said...

Trucks aren't sexy enough for Cons to want to bother spending money on. Gotta save it for the latest and shiniest from the biggest, fattest contractors. If they save enough not buying trucks maybe they can get something with a laser.