Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Western alienation?


Yeah. Might be interesting to see how many backbenchers are feeling like ol' Brent.

An Edmonton Conservative MP went public Tuesday to blast the “egregious” waste of tax dollars by Harper government cabinet ministers, saying ministers were showing an attraction to “opulence” and “extravagance” that is alien to the values of ordinary Canadians.

Yes, well, dear Brent, it was always about the bling. It's the power and sense of entitlement that comes with it they wanted. "Conservative" was just the brand, given their personalities, most able to camouflage this craving and get them "elected" (or whatever you wanna call the last poll event).


liberal supporter said...

Brent, you don't get invited to join the inner Party with that kind of disloyalty. You'll remain in the outer Party, provided you grovel sufficiently.

Holly Stick said...

I dunno, I agree with David Climenhaga that possibly Brent had PMO permission to act all mavericky:

Holly Stick said...

And as Dan Gardner tweeted yesterday, imagine how angry Brent will be when he learns about the G20 costs, and the gazebos, and the F-35s, etc., etc.

I mean, $16 orange juice bad, $billions wasted good?