Monday, June 04, 2012

Airshow's ministry...

This is getting hilarious. Blame the uniformed Canadian Forces for not sufficiently defending the minister when the minister thunder's in? It is like Airshow's DND staff thinks the Canadian Forces is (1) just some government government organ, and (2) one that is full of people they can bully into silence or expect to automatically mobilise when things get a little warm for the government and its weird little ministers.

Pull up a chair and make some popcorn, because it's gonna get even funnier.


Dana said...

About 4 years ago I started advising readers to get drunk and stay drunk.

I'm doing it again for the naive fools who didn't believe me the first time.

In another 4 years I'll do it again.

Unless I'm dead.

Or you are.

Steve said...

And now we are going to build bases all over the world, so we can react quickly. When did being the world cop become part of Canadian identity?

Sixth Estate said...

Isn't the first objective of the military (along with all other public servants) to defend the public image of the government in power?

Strong Conservative government!