Tuesday, June 05, 2012

For a future fracas . . .

HERE'S THE FIRST LOOK AT THE DDG-1000 ZUMWALT. It's a major part of the USN's answer to the Chinese navy's growth in Asian waters. It's a littoral vessel, designed for coastal patrols. Like everything these days, it's not cheap: according to the Washington Post/Associated Press, "Stealth destroyer, at over $3 billion apiece, is US Navy’s latest answer to rising China"

A super-stealthy warship that could underpin the U.S. navy’s China strategy will be able to sneak up on coastlines virtually undetected and pound targets with electromagnetic “railguns” right out of a sci-fi movie.

But at more than $3 billion a pop, critics say the new DDG-1000 destroyer sucks away funds that could be better used to bolster a thinly stretched conventional fleet. One outspoken admiral in China has scoffed that all it would take to sink the high-tech American ship is an armada of explosive-laden fishing boats.

At 2.4 kilometres per second (5,400 mph), the air burns, no chemical propellant used.
Right now, it's could be, would be, should be, might be. And the Chinese say they are not impressed, but then again, what else are they going to say? HOWEVER, if this is NOT speculative, it may be an indication that the USN has made solid progress with the Polywell Fusion program, which is intended to power those rail-guns. The rail-guns, with a projected 200-mile/320km range, will be appearing later in the decade — if the USN solves the power-source problem.

The DDG-1000 and other stealth destroyers of the Zumwalt class feature a wave-piercing hull that leaves almost no wake, electric drive propulsion and advanced sonar and missiles. They are longer and heavier than existing destroyers — but will have half the crew because of automated systems and appear to be little more than a small fishing boat on enemy radar.


Sixth Estate said...

Only $3 billion a piece? We'll take 20!

Gloria said...

Doesn't Harper have some ancient, sinking submarines, he purchased from England? One submariner lost his life in one of them, without a single shot being fired. Perhaps Harper will have them, shadow the stealth battleships from China.

Country's were only too happy to send their factories to China, to exploit the cheap wages...and the even more cheap wages, of children who only earn pennies a day.

Then Harper is stupid enough to permit China, to buy up the tar sands, recently more huge chunks. Stupid enough to allow China to bring their own over, to work their vast tar sands holdings. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. They even brought over Chinese cooks. The tar oil will not be refined in Canada, but in China for the cheap labor. Hell, China is bringing swarms over, to build the Enbridge pipeline. Seems contractors, at the tar sands, are having trouble collecting their money, from the Chinese.

At an apple factory in China. People coming to work there are forced to sign a contract, they won't commit suicide, such as conditions on the job site are so horrendous.

Gordon Campbell had already sold BC out to China, such as our mill industry, and our raw logs are shipped to China. No doubt, China will get the catalyst mill too. I am pretty sure, the mill will get no assistance from, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

China also own BC mines. They are bringing their own, to work the mines too.

Now Russia has fleets of ships and jet fighters prepared, to take the high Arctic oil resources. Russia and China are also allies.

See how stupid it was, to give China all of our industry. China owns Canada, all from the greed of factories and greedy politicians, exploiting cheap child labor. Seems these Canadian company's in China, are having problems with the corruption in China. I don't doubt for a minute, China will own those company's. China will just take them.

China is trying to take a Philippines island, that has vast resources. There are Chinese fishing boats, taking illegal fish there too. The U.S. is there, in a standoff with China. They say, the island is in the Philippines international waters.

Fadden of CSIS warned of China's encroachment into Canada. BC was specifically named. Remember Campbell's hissy fit. Fadden is exactly right. China thinks nothing of, hacking into secret files of other countries.

Harper has given Canada away, to a Communist country.

Steve said...

D Day, who won, to paraphrase Ho Chi Min, to soon to tell.

Purple library guy said...

I dunno. Fusion power has been about three decades away for, what, 60 years now.

thwap said...

Edstock is praying that the good old USA will contain the "yellow peril" that exists in his mind.

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Edstock said...

Aw, Thwap, ya gotta do better than that. Please refrain from racism, thanks.

thwap said...

Aw, Edstock, ya gotta do better than that.
Please refrain from racism, thanks.