Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not politically-correct . . .

BUT VERY SATISFYING. One less perv is good. Maybe he was misunderstood, maybe he had a rough childhood. Whatever his problem was, he's discussing it one-on-one with God, if you believe that sort of thing, and if you don't, take cheer in that the sumbitch's constituent molecules will get re-cycled. And daddy didn't even use a gun . . . that's almost un-American.


Alison said...

The right thing was done here IMHO. What was shocking is that in a town of about 2000 there have been "only" six homocides in eight years. In Texas, apparently, that constitutes squeaky clean. Show me any town of that size in Canada with that homocide rate and it would be known as murder central.

Silverfox said...

"The right thing" is that the father wasn't charged because like like most ordinary people having to live with the fact that they've killed another human being for any reason, is already one of the most terrible and tragic burdens to ever have to bear.

To have that compunded by having your own five year old daughter be a witness to the killing is even more unthinkable.

Far more untinkable than the nightmare of them ever having to witness such a thing at any time in their lives, much less at such a young and impressionable age and to have been the very cause of it yourself.

So I don't know what anyone can possibly find to be so
"satisfying" about any of this, or how some can't understand just how much horribly worse matters were actually made because the child's young father went too far in the heat of the moment, and how frantic, despairing, and very nearly out of his mind he became as he realized the full extent of what he'd done.

The terrible price that was and will continue to be paid for that miscreant's life wasn't and never will be worth it under any circumstances.

I would ask anyone that finds anything to gloat about in this only one small simple question...

Had you been there at the time would you have intervened
the moment the man was no longer a threat or would you have simply shouted "That's it... that's it...kill the bastard!", instead?

Kevin Wood said...

Not sure what the hell any of this has to do with "political correctness"

thwap said...

I understand the father's rage, but i have a hard time gloating about this. The father appears to agree with me and to disagree with you. He isn't happy that he killed a perv.

Your macho swaggering about how you don't care about the guy's possible rough childhood is typical of you. I've read accounts of predators, and the horrible things they do to children, and then, in these accounts, sometimes it's reported that those traumatized individuals go on to become child molesters or rapists themselves. (This also makes me wonder about what the original predator suffered.) We have enormous sympathy for them as children, but when those same individuals grow up, some of us want to gloat and snicker and exterminate them.

It's a cycle of abuse and it's neither funny nor exhilarating when vigilante justice is inflicted upon them. The whole thing is a terrible tragedy, not a joke.

Ed, I think your main problem is that you don't believe that you have anything else to learn.

You're not so experienced and wise that you don't need to re-visit many of your asinine conclusions.

liberal supporter said...

Not bothering with a trial, despite the fact there is a dead body is no way to deal with things. Are courts now simply for show after a "grand jury" has pre-decided guilt or innocence to decide whether to proceed to court or not?

There was outrage when Zimmerman wasn't charged, not because everyone thinks he is guilty, but because there's a dead kid. The case should be decided by an actual court, not some police officer or prosecutor deciding a trial is unnecessary.

If due process is now defined as "political correctness", then people killing people and not being even tried is "political interference".

Marta Clavero said...