Friday, June 08, 2012

And there they go

Yeah, you knew this was coming. Call environmentalists terrorists and enemies of the state enough times and sooner or later you'll actually start treating them that way...and some of them will start acting the part.

However, there is a grain of truth in here: Actively proceeding with activities and policies that worsen climate change, put people and communities at risk, and Dutchify the economy in the interests of foreign states and private capital will breed domestic dissent and resistance, not all of which will be civilised. Not that they will particularly care. If violence fails to happen, they'll talk and act as if there was.

Interesting. I wonder if any of the police, spooks, and border folks bother to consider the idea that they are operating as extensions of Harper-policy, are therefore de facto agents of China and every other customer of and investor in Alberta's tar.   

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Dana said...

Even if the dumb fucks did happen to *think* I suspect they'd all turn themselves in for various and sundry crimes against l'etat, which is to say against Stephen Harper.

One day maybe we'll be able to have a criminal tribunal and all these anti-citizen's rights piggies can be called to account.

Yes indeedy that old '60s word has resonance again, doesn't it?