Friday, June 08, 2012

Con diplomacy

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre put it another way in the House of Commons.
“This Prime Minister will not force hard-working Canadian taxpayers to bail out sumptuous euro welfare-state countries and the wealthy bankers that lend to them,” he said.

Boors. We are governed by authoritarian boors. You know, I tend to think most politicians are cleverer than their words, but these people actually believe their own bullshit. 


Sixth Estate said...

I don't think the "euro states" were actually asking for a bailout from Canada... so I can't imagine that European governments are terribly disappointed in this rejection of bailout money.

Boris said...

Likely not, but there's a serious arsehole quality to this.

Imagine 70 years ago, Harper instead of King, 'We see no reason to rescue the Low Countries from their own military mismanagement in the face of Nazi aggression.' Mind you, I think this lot would have had a serious dilemma in 1939, given their prediliction for displays of martial strength and other darker leanings.

thwap said...

They are boors, but in in Poilievre's case, I think "twerp" is more appropriate.

sassy said...

Hey Mr. Harper - why don't you just tell them that Canada WON'T even feed its own.

NBDUDE said...

I don't think the word has been created that describes poilievre.
The only thing that I can agree with slimy steve & smiling jim is that we shouldn't give money to the IMF to bail out Europe as stated here
by Ian Welsh
The correct thing to do is to force them to take their losses, making the shareholders and bondholders eat it.  Kick out the management, cut the banks up into smaller entities then refloat.  It is cheaper, avoids moral hazard and leaves you with banks which are actually solvent and can lend.
The lengths to which we will go to avoid doing the right, smart, obvious thing are astonishing.

Steve said...

Its another roadkill for the right.
The welfare state has nothing to do with the failure of Spanish or Irish Banks. It is a failure of capitalism.

We should be symbolicly supporting Europe, if this costs a billion, well its money better spent than the G20.