Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Governor Walker and our Cons are the same species.  More after the live stream.

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Sometimes I think the best description of 'capital' is that of a pathogen. It afflicts the compassion and empathy centres of the brain like an encephalitis. Something happens to normal, caring people when they're put in power and have control over money. They seem to lose any sense of concern for the welfare of their fellow beings. Some have the excuse of finding themselves born into a life of class privilege. Others come from the ranks, pick up the infection and then turn on their former comrades.

The afflicted don't seem to understand resistance to their measures. When you take away the protections around someone's livelihood, whether they're a floor-mopper, a teacher, or anyone else, you're committing an act of cruelty and putting that individual into a situation from which they might not recover. It takes a sick mind to do that to someone without dire cause.

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Niles said...

"former comrades"? That phrase alone should bring out reichwingers looking for communist provocateurs.

Humanity has ever been rife with "Mind over Matter" ie: "I don't mind and you don't matter"

I've been reacquainting myself with Gilded Age/'Victorian' literature the last while. Classicism is a blandly 'invisible' prejudice drenching most of the interactions, treated as the 'natural' state of how things should be. The message over and over was/is Generational wealth instilled genetic nobility. The 'middle' class barely existed, patronizingly referred to as the "trades" and "company clarks" and "scholars", etc. Of course, if rare lucky Lessers did make enough money to buy and sell traditional class elites, they were begrudgingly allowed to spend their filthy lucre to buy their way into the proper circles, where they could be cleansed by marriage. Doing in Lessers unable to defend themselves or earn the status of 'good old shep' servant status just went with the polo grounds.

I've had that playing against the juxtaposition of modern events and the 'defend the victimized rich and kill the bolshevik union devils robbing you of your right to starve while bleeding in the frozen mud in the dark' yellow journalism going on. Heck, even today's lying media journanimalism learned its fight moves in the Gilded Age newspapers of the 1800s.

I don't think the attitudes of those with the wealth has changed at all since those days. It's just been hidden better until they could regain control of a State momentarily shaken by a 'populist' uppitiness that they couldn't massacre as freely as they did in the 1800s.

Seriously, the wealthy diatribes coming out have no more grasp that the concept of 'undeserving Lessers' is blackly creepy then they ever did. But it works, because it's a message that's been drummed into humanity for eons, verbally and physically.

It seems domestic abuse on a societal scale. 'Natural' Masters and servant class with the only lessons learned being in how to excuse it, while the abusers are pushing for more control every psychological and legal victory they gain.