Sunday, March 06, 2011

Nasty bitch . . .

MUAMMAR'S "GO-TO GAL", is a middle-aged matron by name of Huda Ben Amer, aka "Huda Al-Shannaga – Huda the executioner". No job too dirty or nasty. This bitch is a real piece of work. According to The Telegraph, she got her start in the regime when she grabbed the legs of a man being hanged, who was strangling on the gallows. Really. Can't wait to see her head on a pole. :)


deBeauxOs said...

Interesting how those Libyans interviewed by Telegraph believe that she should be charged and tried for her crimes against humanity. Unlike you, nobody asks for her head on a pole.

Is it because she's a woman that you feel she merits this punishment?

croghan27 said...

Before hangmen learned their trade - as in breaking the neck of the hanged quickly so the suffering was short, I believe that a family member waited near the gallows to pull on the legs of the one hanged to quickly terminate the agony of being choked to death.

Niles said...

I second croghan's observation. Can't speak to the woman targeted by the Telegraph, but I've repeatedly read about old hangings (aka those done without the 'hangman's knot and a sharp drop of gravity to help snap the neck) that when there was no possibility of escaping the fate, someone, and yes women of the fated one's family, would grab the legs of the dying and use their extra weight to drag the hanged one down, bringing unconsciousness sooner. A world where that becomes the mercy of a situation is humanity's legacy of violence towards itself.

That said, "nasty bitch' seems weirdly Ilsa the She Devil-ized. Whatever she's done, she's one woman among how many men in the torture-by-government-agents business? Are the men 'nasty bastards'?

Frankly, I wouldn't assign much courage to any of us who might be pressured into doing blandly cruel things for the State, even if we're not the socio- and psychopaths hanging around on the fringe of all human organization. State torturers are not functioning in vacuum after all. See also Guantanamo and Private Bradley Manning, several 'rendered' Canadians, etc.

At least in Libya and Egypt, there's some chance torturers and the State that backed them are going to put to public judgement.