Wednesday, March 30, 2011

House Wars

Red versus blue, two wankers go head to head, mano a mano, deploying sabres of rhetoric in political mortal combat. The dark side calling out the grey, the epic continues.

I wish our election didn't have to reduce itself to two rivals dropping their trousers and whipping out the measuring tape, but it should at least be entertaining.

Lets hope Iggy doesn't jump the gun and wind up living his own Empire Strikes Back. He might want to ensure his Solo Rae is nearby. Hmm, in that case, I wanna know who plays Leia?

Is it just me or is this election, barely a week old, already getting weird?


Alison said...

'Leia' was on CBC's On The Coast yesterday complaining that the Cons and NDP were behind the decision not to include her in the debate.

So Iggy has fallen into Harper's trap of representing "the coalition" in a debate. Good lord.

wv=coquell. Not effing likely.

Boris said...

There's that, and Steve V picks up on another scenario:

Either way I'd be mighty wary of a scenario which Harper has set up. It's a sad reflection that this thing has overtones of proving one's manhood with Iggy finding himself to step up to the challenge. Backing down would make him appear weak and afraid of Harper. Schoolyard theatrics but it resonates with the public.

Alison said...

Interesting points from Steve V. I left similar sentiments in a comment at Montreal Simon's - way better for Steve to face Iggy as putative coalition leader than to have to face Duceppe and Layton calling him a liar to his face : hey, we were there, you wanted it.

Annoyingly this seems to have been ay Iggy's unwitting instigation.

Dana said...

Harper and Ignatieff kitchen debate.

Alison said...

Lolz. Unsurprisingly they both seem to have da da issues.

liberal supporter said...

Are you kidding? Iggy will fly rings around Harper in a debate. He's had a lot of practice doing so in Question Period, and it's only the frat boy front bench responding that has protected Harper from having to actually engage. Then there's the added experience of all those unscripted events from the bus tour.

On day 1 it was reported that Harper's going long on "coalition coalition coalition" was his own idea. I believe he may have "Dion"'d himself, by ignoring his advisers and trying to run the campaign on his own.

It is my view that Harper has spent so long in the bubble he has finally started to believe his own hype, and has made a tactical error. Sorry, in keeping with the premise of the post, let me rephrase "The emperor has made a critical error, and the time for our attack has come". If a force strong Emperor could be blinded by his own hubris, so much more easily could Harper. Naturally they'll try to claim Iggy is walking into a trap. Let them think so.

In a debate with the other parties present, Harper sits on one side and everyone else is on the other, reinforcing the meme of the secret coalition, and creating sympathy for being ganged up on.

Alone, as soon as Harper mentions "coalition", Iggy just casually notes that other than Elizabeth May, there is only ONE leader who did NOT, as leader, sign any agreement with other parties. Iggy signed an agreement with the rest of caucus, but as a caucus member supporting his then leader.

After all, ever since Iggy became leader, he's backed away from coalition. In other words, he had an option, and he could have said no, and he did. Harper on the other hand, won in 2006 because he promised to do things differently. "You had an option sir, to bring real accountability and to say no to the old ways of doing things. You chose instead to continue and in fact made it worse. You personally said yes to cadscam, to in and out, to secrecy, to forgery and to covering up torture. If I may say so respectfully, you had an option, sir. You could have said no!". That's not how the knockout punch will play out, but it will happen in the debates, and Harper just made it easier.

Considering that in the post, we have the red team sword held by Darth Vader, we can assume a similar inversion for Leia. Who else but Michelle McPherson, Carson's fiancee!

Boris said...

Utterly fascinating and definitely much more intelligent, amiable and honest than Ignarper.

Alison said...

Paul Wells : "Liberals wanted SH-MI debate in addition to 4-leader. Conservatives proposed replacing 4-leader with 2-leader debate. Libs declined."

Boris said...

Mmm. Cons are a little scared me thinks.

psa said...

um, would someone fetch a premoistened towelette for lib supporter. he appears to have oopsed himself in that flurry of urgent wanking.

Gord Hunter said...

Hold on to your hat. It is bound to get weirder yet