Thursday, March 03, 2011

Bullshit, Pierre


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is being called on to resign after his office sent out a letter to Conservative MPs asking for fundraising help to mount an ad campaign aimed at bolstering Conservative support among ethnic communities.
According to documents obtained by the NDP Thursday and released to the media, the Conservatives have hatched a media strategy that would specifically target South Asian and Chinese communities in the Greater Toronto Area.
The advertising plan is branded "Breaking Through: Building the Conservative Brand" and details of it were sent along with a letter on Kenney's letterhead seeking funds to support it.
I do like this bit. 
The materials ended up in the hands of NDP Linda Duncan but were more likely intended for Conservative MP John Duncan...
A little rich, Pierre, given that your party's leader seems to have named the entire Government of Canada after himself.
"The minister has said that it was a mistake for the letterhead to appear on this particular letter," Poilievre said, adding that Kenney has referred the matter to the Ethics commissioner.


Alison said...

Ethical government? NOT

Unfortunately most of the media will not make a big deal out of this. The Montreal Gazette can't even be bothered with commenting on the Cons charged in the in-out-scheme and the forging of documents. Disgusting. Given our media, it is no surprise that the Cons still have the support of so many Canadians.

double nickel said...

Apparently Kenny has fired some staffer for this little episode. That's the Harper Government for you.

Mark Francis said...

Ever read the document itself? Impolitical has a great point:

"They live where we need to win." (p. 3) Reading as if Conservatives don't actually live in those communities, "they" do. A point lost on whoever wrote it and not especially endearing.