Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Crazy Years . . .

WHEREVER HE IS, Robert Heinlein must be ROTFL, because the Crazy Years must surely have arrived, as according to Gail Collins' article in the NYT, "School of Glock", there are disturbing things afoot:

Well, in Florida, a state representative has introduced a bill that would impose fines of up to $5 million on any doctor who asks a patient whether he or she owns a gun.

But wait — it gets better:

The nation’s state legislators seem to be troubled by a shortage of things they can do to make the National Rifle Association happy. Once you’ve voted to allow people to carry guns into bars (Georgia), eliminated the need for getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon (Arizona) and designated your own official state gun (Utah — awaiting the governor’s signature), it gets hard to come up with new ideas.

This may be why so many states are now considering laws that would prohibit colleges and universities from barring guns on campus.


Anonymous said...

We need a massive border wall. And we need it now.

Holly Stick said...

Make it bullet-proof glass. We need to keep an eye on them.