Friday, March 25, 2011

Election call

Well, here we go. Finally. Unless of course the man formerly known as the prime minister decides simply to not go to the GG - you know he's probably considered it. Either way, the Harper Government(tm) is no more at least for the next few weeks, and perhaps even nevermore.
After the vote, Speaker Peter Milliken addressed Stephen Harper as a member of Parliament rather than as prime minister when Harper rose to move the House adjourn. Conservative MPs left the House chamber quickly for a caucus meeting.
That said, I'll make no predictions about outcomes at this point. The polls today mean little with this much blood in the water.


West End Bob said...

No prediction is probably the best plan, Boris.

It's too bad the libs have such an uninspiring "leader" and the NDP doesn't have the proverbial "snowball's chance in hell" of forming a government. No matter how the reformatories attempt to scare the public with the possibility of a "coalition," I for one would welcome it.

With harperco making history as the first government to fall based on a contempt of Parliament finding, they'll probably follow that with a m _ _ _ _ ity government.

Cross your fingers on how those blanks are filled in . . . .

liberal supporter said...

It will be fun watching Sun TV's debut, a whole gaggle of folks hoping to get a Senate seat by pulling a Duffy on Iggy.
Problem is, Iggy doesn't have a hearing problem, first language is English, and I don't think half the party will abandon him this time.

I'm expecting Iggy to destroy Harper in the debates, if Harper agrees to any.
I can still hear Mulroney pointing the finger at Turner and basically winning the election then and there "You had an option sir!"

Fat Arse said...

@ West End Bob - Sir, I believe you need medical attention to deal with your fear that a Harpo & Co. m___ity is in the offing. Pay no attention to the "polls" kind sir -- they are but shiny things designed to fool us. Stay well ;)

@illeberal supporter - may te majority "Make it so!"

Edstock said...

Just please, please no Harper majority. That's all I ask from Canadians, considering the sheer lack of ability of the Liberals and NDP to get anything going. I hope for better, but I am fairly confident that Harper cannot pull a majority, and just maybe he will be fighting his last election campaign.

Alison said...

Ignatieff is at least a human being rather than an evil robot dressed up in human clothes. While he isn't super dynamic, he has twice the personality of Harpie. I wouldn't count the Liberals out and will be working to help destroy the Cons.

psa said...

may the lesser of evils win. or at least prevent a harper majority. i have no faith in ignatieff or the liberals not to fuck anything up. i've yet to be impressed with ignatieff as a speaker so i am dubious of his ability to best the gutter snipe harper in a debate. in fact i'd look for layton and may to do the yeoman's work in that regard. sun tv is all the justification i need for not having cable, my gag reflex doesn't need that much exercise. i'm expecting another harper minority following which the coven of weasels in the cpc backrooms will be sharpening their knives.