Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Irony is not only dead, but its corpse had been desecrated

The young girl has a lovely voice, yes, but seeing Stephen Harper sing this song is like watching David Duke sing "We Shall Overcome." Someone who was disappointed we didn't get to play in the Iraq sandbox and is destroying our fiscal security to buy unnecessary stealth fighter jets should not be singing peace anthems. It is not merely distasteful,  it is hour-long-shower-scrub-with-a-wire-brush disgusting. Maybe this is his energy plan, to hook John Lennon's coffin up to a turbine and provide free electricity to the entire American continent from the resultant spinning.

He says he has his own lyrics for the song - I'll bet. Something along the lines of "Imagine there's no Liberals..." no doubt.

Personally, I'd have thought he'd be more into a different Lennon tune from a year or two earlier, though again he'd have his own lyrics... "You say you want a coalition..." or perhaps "Can't buy me Love."

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Ben Lyon said...

I'm of to shower with a pressure washer of CLR and a belt-sander and do a month long cleanse to rid myself of the sick, beyond baby kissing, ironic publicity stunt this embodies.

IwannabeClaire said...
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ThinkingManNeil said...

If there is anyone more unworthy and undeserving to sing John Lennon's iconic and beautifully poetic "Imagine" than Stephen Harper then I can't even begin to conceive of who it would be. And to do this saccharine political stunt alongside an unassuming, impressionable, and innocent young girl? I am beyond disgust and contempt for this man.


double nickel said...

WTF is wrong with this girl's parents?

Niles said...

There's nothing wrong with Ms. Aragon's parents.

They've been swamped by publicity hounds since her youtube cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" went viral. In a month, she's been on radio, American tv and sang with Lady G at her Toronto concert.

I don't see any 'average' family in Canada, especially an 'immigrant' family refusing to make time of day for the leader of the country(and the cynic in me can't help but think the Very Ethnic angle didn't factor in here much). They might keep an ambulance on standby for when their kid passes out in the presence of such greatness.

What's disgusting here rests solely on the shoulders of Mister Steve trying to cash in on being 'hep' and hangin' with the ute. He's like a psychic vampire, attempting to drain off life force.

In addition to Imagine being abused, this is twice over and around the world Ironic considering the evangelical fundy backers Mister Steve has(lookin' at you, McVety and nee Krystow). Ms Aragon became acceptable to Mister Steve by singing a version of "Born This Way" -- touted as the new queer anthem because it screams NOT-a-lifestyle-choice!! Lady Gaga is loathed by the theocons on any number of fronts, and she's openly said Ms. Aragon renewed her spirit on a bad day.

The only Beatles songs Harper should be singing should come out of the Yellow Submarine film. He could be green screened in as the leader of the Blue Meanies.

double nickel said...

Whoring your kid out to any politician is questionable parenting.

900ft Jesus said...

creepy. That is all.

liberal supporter said...

Oh give Steve a break! He just wants to be around someone he could probably win a debate with.