Sunday, November 07, 2010

Who the hell does Gordon Campbell think he is?

It would be nice if we could call Gordon Campbell the former premier of BC. Except that's not what he is. The sonofabitch gets out in front of the media last week, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in a failed pitch to regain some popularity, announces that it's time for a new leader, calls for a leadership convention and then appoints himself the interim leader until a convention produces a new face.

Listening to all the fawning and goo-gooing last week from any high placed individual who could find a microphone, one would think Gordon Campbell was one of the most popular people in BC. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most people, for most of Campbell's time in office, despised the man. He is arrogant, self-absorbed and unbelievably condescending. All of that on top of the fact that he's outwardly two-faced. And most people didn't vote for the BC Liberals because of him; they did so despite him.

Some wiener had the temerity to suggest that Gordon Campbell was a great man having brought the 2010 Winter Olympics to Vancouver. No mention of the unbelievable wreckage he leaves in his wake, the torn up labour agreements, the secret deals with his big business buddies, soaring ferry fares, increased child poverty, ad nauseum.

And I still contend that BC Rail was sold in an effort to generate quick cash to buy his way out of the one problem the International Olympic Committee saw as an impediment to Vancouver winning the Olympic bid - the Sea to Sky highway. Further, because it all had to happen quickly, many bidders claim the sale was rigged to favour CN.

The problem now is, he's still there. He still rules over his Vancouver centric cabinet... after having effectively resigned.

Of course, since he's still there perhaps he can start answering questions surrounding the Sea to Sky highway. Or maybe get the minister responsible to start talking. Because it appears we're still being lied to by the Campbell crowd and some people are coming closer and closer to exposing a dirty secret Campbell and his capos don't want you to get to close to. 

BC Liberals (who are actually not liberal at all) need to remind themselves that Campbell is poison and the longer they let him occupy an office at 501 Belleville Street the more difficult it will be to rid themselves of the toxins.

Get rid of him. Now.

Give us someone like Kevin Falcon in the interim. We still have a few questions to ask him too.


West End Bob said...

You're gonna love this, Cap'n.

'Ole gordo is lamenting "dirty politics" in a blurb on News 1130.

Wonder if "dirty politics" includes lying to the electorate about not selling BC Rail and not implementing the HST?

Good riddance and don't let the door hit ya' in the ass on your way out . . . .

marie said...

West end Bob, you are clearly an NDP supporter and have forgotten the dirty politics of Glen Clark, Moe Sohoto in the nineties.

Glen Campbell is wearing the sins of the implementation of Harper's GST tax by bribing the two provinces(ONT)and promoting the HST Tax. I am quite sure that they , The Reformatory Cons Federal and Provincial are hard at work in BC and Ontario spending mega bucks promoting their own Agenda and trying to take advantage of the weak support in those two provinces.

How anyone in Ontario can even think of voting for the cons is beyond me. They were told to fu off, they promoted too the world not to do business in Ontario, They spend mega bucks on the G&8and G20 letting ontarians pick up the pieces after that fiasco and after the mayor rejected the idea of Toronto hosting it.

They literally shut Toronto down and their security was like a piece from the movies. real bad and Toronto store owners had to pay for the repairs themselves as well as the cost of shutting down their business for 4 days. What a farce that turned out to be.

I say good riddance to you as well and the party you support because not one viable party is free of committing dirty politics

As for Campbell, he brought the province out of has been status into a prospering province which we still see today. No one will have forgotten NDP blunders and their "dirty politic" and BTW Carole James is not much for a leader as well. She can't even get along with her own people never mind leading a province.

West End Bob said...

Hate to burst your bubble there, marie, but I'm not an NDP nor Carole James supporter - clearly or otherwise.

As for "Glen" Campbell I believe he was the "Rhinestone Cowboy," not the stellar premier you seem to think gordon cambell is/was. His latest approval ratings hover around 9% in BC, so apparently there are a lot of people that are not nearly as enamoured with him as you appear to be . . . .

kootcoot said...

Marie sez:

"As for Campbell, he brought the province out of has been status into a prospering province which we still see today."

What kind of kool-aid are you drinking Marie? Gordo turned BeeCee into a have not province overnight in 2001 with his unfunded tax cut aimed (of course) mainly at the rich. Over the years Socred and BC LIEberal governments (the same Reform/Con/Canadian Taliban bunch) has received almost two and a half BILLION in transfer payments from Ottawa compared to a mere 125 MILLION under NDP regimes.

So if your idea of good business sliming more welfare from Ottawa, forcing BC Hydro to buy power it can't sell for even half the purchase price, destroying the forestry industry during the greatest building boom in US history and PAYING CN (a Texas based railway company) to take a valuable asset like BC Rail off our hands - then Gordo is great!

But I don't want him to go yet, until he can go directly to gaol without passing go, besides, he's a perfect poster boy for RECALL in just over a WEEK!