Friday, November 05, 2010

When the conservative party figures one thing out....

There will have to be a change.

Are they a real Canadian political party or are they simply a life support system for Stephen Harper?

Are they in government, marginally though it may be, because the majority of the voting public approves of them or are they there because of a punishment vote after the arrogant diddling of the Chretien era Liberals?

Can they survive and perhaps prosper with a base of extremists or do they actually have to appeal to the overwhelming tolerance of an overwhelming majority of Canadians?

Has Harper given us good government or has he simply scrambled about, clinging to scraps of constitutional obscurities to maintain his personal power?

Is the world impressed with the Canadian conservative stomp on the world stage or would they rather have the Canada that worked hard, out of the limelight, to broker deals which created calm amongst antagonists?

They have to ask themselves the question: Is there life after Stephen Harper? Or, is this unending election campaign just about him? Is this whole effort a one shot deal?

Stephen Harper has an expiry date. And Cathie noticed.

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