Thursday, November 04, 2010

Feeling comfortable? Here. Lose your lunch.

Sue J has one helluva point. Watching the US elections it makes one wonder what people are thinking. Everyone wants to see the economy improve and for governments to stop spending money they don't have.

Easy answer to that? Stop going off and engaging in conquer projects that will ultimately result in nothing.

In the meantime, soak the picture in. This is what a soldier looks like after stepping on an IED. All you've ever been shown is what they looked like before they ever set foot in the AO: Beret on properly, clean combat clothing, solemn face but no excruciating agony.

Lose your poppy? Buy another one.

Oh yeah. This. 

... some soldiers complain that hiding the wounded prevents them from being recognized and celebrated for their physical sacrifices on behalf of Canada. In hospitals across the country, they are suffering and recovering alone and in silence, something that can contribute to their frustration, breed resentment and lead to mental health problems.

MoS doesn't sugar coat it either. 

Real casualty counts used to include the wounded. That stopped under the Harper regime.

Tim Horton's has a poppy basket. Or you could just be an asshole and say you already have one... somewhere.

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Sue J said...

Thanks for the link. And thanks for spreading the word -- as an American I find it shameful that virtually none of the candidates running int he recent elections were ever asked fort heir stand on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.