Friday, November 05, 2010

New Veterans Ombudsman

Well, well. It looks like the Harperites have made a decision and they may have grabbed a tiger by the tail.

A retired chief warrant officer has been named Canada's new veterans ombudsman.
Guy Parent replaces the outspoken Pat Stogran, a retired colonel who led a high-profile — and controversial — campaign to improve benefits for veterans.

Parent was Stogran's director of investigations and worked in the military ombudsman's office for nine years before that. He is a 37-year Canadian Forces veteran.
This should be interesting. I know Guy Parent very, very well. He's no shrinking violet. In fact, he's the opposite. Parent is a retired air force rescue specialist and one very tough individual.

As much as I had hoped the pressure to retain Pat Stogran had resulted in his reappointment, Guy Parent is a good appointment to the position. If the Harperites were hoping for a compliant patsy, they didn't get one.

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