Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Veterans Week

Murray Brewster :

"A trove of leaked internal Veterans Affairs documents suggests bureaucrats knew from the beginning that a new system of benefits would mean less cash for injured soldiers with one analysis projecting savings of up to $40 million per year.
Another analysis, contained among 3,500 pages obtained by The Canadian Press, raised concern that some disabled veterans might be forced back to work or to take up part-time jobs to supplement their income."

Stogran is out of his job on Remembrance Day. As Rick says : "Stogran stood up for veterans. Where are the MPs who are going to stand up for him?"


Veterans Week begins November 6. On Nov 6th at 11:00, veterans across Canada are gathering at MP's offices to voice their concerns about the new system. Come out and support them and throw up a fist for Stogran .



Informed Despite Education said...

The problem of course arose when the man decided to do his job. This creates a real issue for government officials because it begins to make it startelingly clear that they in fact are not doing theirs. To ensure that bad PO does not result from this the man must be removed from office. Don't expect anyone to stand up for him either, because even though it would be great PR, no one would be stupid enough to create public expectations of our politicians. That would land him or her as squarly on the curb as are kind ombudsman.

double nickel said...

Steve harper hates live veterans. They cost too much. Better they get all blowed up.

Beijing York said...

Straight to the point, double nickel. Harper is such a spiteful piece of sh*t.