Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sami checks in

Yes, I know there are lots of things to write about. And I'd love to push them all. But I have limited time and I have these weird strings that stretch back decades.

Samantha Crozier took the time to acknowledge the post written here.

I would like to start out by pointing out that The Telegraph got the name of one of her children wrong. Samantha and Lance Corporal Douglas (Andy) Crozier are the parents of Ethan and Caleb, two-years old and one-year old respectively.

I'm going to take a shot in the dark here, but I suspect that Samantha and Andy met while Andy was on a temporary duty to BATUS in Sheffield, Alberta.

Andy was subsequently posted to Germany and Samantha accompanied him. That was over four years ago. But Samantha had no reason to believe that the vagaries of the British immigration system would not allow her, as the spouse of a British serving member overseas, to household with him once he returned, on posting to the UK.

On returning to the UK, after both sons were born, Samantha, who was on a five year stamp approving her residency on a British overseas base, was told to apply for citizenship ... and that there would be no problem. (She paid 400 Pounds for this. Call it 1000 Canadian dollars).

Hey. She's family. She's the spouse of a British serving member of the REMEs.

No such luck.

The question is, how many ways can you spell B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.?

So, while her husband faces the prospect of cranking the fifth wheel off broken down Challenger tanks in Afghanistan, Samantha faces the prospect of being deported and leaving her two young children behind.

We could accept the line that if you were supposed to have a family the army would have issued you one, or we could get behind Samantha Crozier and insist that the circumstances demand a second and very critical look.

Samantha has a Facebook group. Sign in and support her.

I'm trying to think of a group that should be all over this. On the other hand, navels are much more interesting to them.

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