Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fuck you Harper!

Now we get a chance to see right through your little plan.

You owed the wingnuts in that pack of lying slime balls you call a political party and the only way to pay off the debt was to let them be government.

THIS is your hidden agenda.

Aside from gutting government the only way you could give the appearance to your base that you were proceeding with their extremist, religion-based agenda was to let them sneak their shit through in Private Members' bills.

Private Members' bills in this country are rarely passed and the one thing we absolutely know is that they are not a part of the government agenda.


Was it a part of the Throne Speech? No... because it would have been exposed to the bright light of day. And we can't have that when we're pursuing a hidden agenda, can we?

Private Members' bills initiated from the government benches are always suspicious. But in this case it was clearly a part of the government plan. No prime minister would allow a Private Member's bill to clear the House and waste valuable committee time unless it was approved by caucus and the prime minister gave it the nod. In your case that is particularly obvious since you are micro-managing control freak.

Why would you allow it and not announce it in the agenda put forth in the Throne Speech? Because you know that a solid majority of Canadians would object.

Not that they matter. It's your country. And you don't give a fuck what anybody else thinks.

You and your criminal enterprize engineered this. You had to do it, amongst other back-door evolutions, because the Leave It To Beaver wing of your ad-hoc gathering of miscreants was demanding that you live up to your promise.



By the end of the second year. Remember that? Do you think we hadn't heard that one? If you survived past 24 months that they would get their stuff? Oh right. That was supposed to be a secret.

Go ahead. Tell me it isn't true.

Tell me you're not another George Bush. Why, you even have your own Karl Rove. You're not smart enough to dream up a strategy on your own. Just like when you were president of the National Citizen's Coalition, you have somebody else telling you what to do.

Good little sock puppet.

Do you want to know what gives you away? This.

You're wrapped up in yourself, you fat little mysoginist narcissistic prick. Just like your hero in Washington. You are so into what you are that you forgot there is a country of citizens out there. You would have made Josef Stalin jealous.

Well, now that we know what you are, we can also calculate where you are going next. You lack originality. Your vision for this country has already been done.

All we have to do is look at the United States and the political horror that has become that country's nightmare.


Unknown said...

harper will alway's be onhis
faggot knees in front of
george bush

ideas2 prose said...

One comment only since March...apathetic Canadians, Harper knows this. A new Canada emerges, a not so virtuous Canada a Canada born on ignorance and blind ideology, which values commerce above compassion a decietful government.