Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bravo Zulo, Gordon O'Connor

Skdadl over at POGGE rightly pays due respect to the four Conservatives who voted against Bill C-484, the incremental and unconstitutional attempt to change the definition of human life.

In that post she recognizes Josée Verner, CPC, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women and Official Languages; Lawrence Cannon, CPC, Minister of Transport; Infrastructure, and Communities; Sylvie Boucher, CPC, MP; and, Gordon O'Connor, CPC, Minister of National Revenue.

I've taken more than my fair share of chunks out of Gordon O'Connor. When he was Minister of National Defence I can only describe him as a near perfect target.

That was then. This is now. I was always willing to single out O'Connor for his failings. I am just as willing to applaud him for his courage.

Gordon O'Connor demonstrated political integrity yesterday. He also joined three others of his party in refusing to join a mindless herd of MPs who clearly have either no respect for or no knowledge of constitutional law.

Well done, Mr. O'Connor. You have put some of the members opposite to shame.

Bravo Zulu is the is the supplementary signal from the Allied Naval Signal Book carrying the meaning Well Done.

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