Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How monsters thrive in plain sight

This morning I'm reading


deBeauxOs said...

What is particularly heart-breaking are the cases of parents willingly sacrificing their children to fundamentalist religious pedophiles.

That's probably why those religious institutions order their flock to overbreed, from the perspective that even if a couple of children per family get screwed over, there will be more to replace them.

Beijing York said...

Any gains made by society in the last 30-40 years seem to be slipping away.

The culture of life crusaders like Margaret Sommerville would rather force women to have unwanted pregnancies and force the terminally ill to languish in pain than do anything about promoting or protecting the lives of the living.

Kathy H said...

Thank goodness you and sometimes the Rev., are still posting on this blog, Boris. Good observations, always.

This Penn State/Sandusky thing is disgusting and probably not exactly an 'isolated event'. Hopefully it will result in greater public awareness of some very nasty stuff happening in some more 'highly respectable' places.