Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here's your G20 anarchists...

...justifying a billion dollar security budget and a thousand arbitrary arrests and beatings.


Oemissions said...

I have contacted the Ombudsman for CBC.
CBC is showing the guy in the blue jacket kicking and bashing in a store window, very violently.This is the SAME clip they showed during the G8/G20 events.
It is a very disturbing clip.
Who is this young man? Where is he now?
Is he one of the accused?
I seriously doubt it.
Was he even arrested?
Furthermore, during the G8/G20 a People's Summit ran simultaneously in TO with prominent Canadians and international dignitaries attending.
There were brilliant speakers, workshops and excellent resolutions passed.,including the International Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, now on the UN agenda.
CBC covered nothing about this.
They chose to repetitively run the clip of this young fellow in a blue jacket window bashing.
What an INSULT to all of us there in TO or tuning in online.
Now today we are seeing it again, and photos that belong more in the Vancouver Hockey riots. This was a handful of persons and to call these people "activists" is a betrayl to all Canadians who work tirelessly for social justice/peace and environmental issues.
CBC rerun the tapes , you will see thousands marching peacefully.
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West End Bob said...

Money well spent, eh, Boris?

Those are some scary folks, for sure . . . . ?!?!

Steve said...

False Flag Raising Event

double nickel said...

The kids are alright.