Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ottawa, we have a problem . . .

Many children are scalded and burned from living in densely overcrowded houses with makeshift wood stoves.

AND IT'S NOT GOING AWAY. According to Charlie Angus, who's the MP for Timmins-James Bay, the plight of our aboriginals on the northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat is intolerable. His post on Huffington Canada, "What if They Declared an Emergency and No One Came?" has a must-see video, as well. It's AOL-resident, and AOL doesn't play nice like YouTube for embedding, so check out the Huffington link to see it. I wonder who owns the new Cadillac Escalade to be seen in it? A $60K SUV could supply a lot of plumbing.

It's been three weeks since Attawapiskat First Nation took the extraordinary step of declaring a state of emergency. Since then, not a single federal or provincial official has even bothered to visit the community.

No aid agencies have stepped forward. No disaster management teams have offered help.

Meanwhile temperatures have dropped 20 degrees and will likely drop another 20 or 25 degrees further in the coming weeks. For families living in uninsulated tents, makeshift cabins and sheds, the worsening weather poses serious risk.

Two weeks ago I travelled to this community on the James Bay coast to see why conditions had become so extreme that local leaders felt compelled to declare a state of emergency. It was like stepping into a fourth world.

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You'd think that a medical warning from a provincial health authority would move government into action. Think again. When it comes to the misery, suffering and even the death of First Nations people, the federal and provincial governments have developed a staggering capacity for indifference.
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meadowlark said...

Harper has been bombing other countries, innocent civilians. His excuse is, for the way these country's abuse their citizens.

What would Harper do if, Canada got bombed for his abuse, towards the First Nations People? And, the way he treats, his other vulnerable citizens.

Harper has the gall to ask our young military to go to war for him. He is slashing our veterans pensions and support for those who have lost, arms, legs, and many other horrible war wounds. Our WW11 veterans are furious, they say Harper is a fascist. Our Afghan veterans deserve a hell of a lot better than that. My advice to our young people is, get the hell out of the military. You will not be looked after, if you are wounded for life. Tell Harper, to go straight to hell.

Our F.N. have to constantly fight Harper, to preserve their food sources.

Harper forces them to accept his dirty oil pipeline, across their rivers, streams and lands.

The F.N. People will be forced to accept, the dirty oil tankers from China, in their coastal seas. They depend on the sea, to feed their people. How their lakes are poisoned by, toxic mine tailings, being dumped into them. Their clean underground water, contaminated, by the fracking for gas.

The F.N. people in Ontario, is a total terrible disgrace. Those poor people, living in worse poverty, than many other third world country's. Their call for a state of emergency, was ignored by Harper and his Conservatives.

We need to force Harper to resign. He has committed atrocities, on the F.N. people, in every way he could, to dehumanize them. Harper is a fascist dictator. He has a very shady political past. The manner, in which Harper treats the F.N. fits right in Harper's shady political past. Harper has no right to be P.M. in our country

Many, many, F.N. kids, don't even know what a real school is. They have to keep their winter jackets on in school, to keep them warm. What kind of crap is that?

There was a pipeline burst in Alberta. The fumes made the children so sick, they had to give up their school. The clean underground water, was poisoned by the spill.

Our F.N. friends need decent housing, with heat, hydro, hot and cold running water. They need bathrooms with showers, tubs and flush toilets.

Every child in Canada deserves a decent school. The F.N. kids need schools with gyms for, basketball, volleyball, and perhaps music lessons. They need ball diamonds, soccer fields, and sports equipment.

No wonder the First Nations kids, are committing suicide. They are without hope. F.N. kids were forced into resident schools. They were not allowed to speak their own language, nor allowed their beliefs and culture. They were beat, raped and murdered. I would drink too, so I could erase all of those terrible memories.

First Nations, are the last people to be hired. Their anguish is deep and unbearable.

Yes, I say Harper needs to be thrown out of office. His billions spent on his own selfish goals, is disgusting.

double nickel said...

@meadowlark... +1

Edstock said...

"No wonder the First Nations kids, are committing suicide. They are without hope."


Steve said...

Instead of dropping bombs how about Canada build shipping container homes. They could be airlifted into remote areas and dropped from the hercs, start in Canada's north.