Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why does Turkey count?

Well... to a hillbilly government led by a donkey... it doesn't.

Campbell Clark lays it all out. 

Harper is way too shallow to work in the background. That takes finesse and the willingness to know how to wield the power from a second chair. And an awareness that extends beyond the horizon of pumping asphalt to Houston.

Turkey’s growing economy hasn’t featured in Mr. Harper’s push for trade with emerging-market countries. There were exploratory talks about free trade in 2010, but none in 2011.

Because he's too much of an ideological turd to actually know here he really sits in the world. He wants to be the leader of a superpower. Parades, pictures of himself everywhere, glorification at Timmy's (not the upscale version), and adoration from the gun-tottin'  gopher shooters.

You'd think that one of the overstrengthed battalion he employs as communications staff could figure it out.

You'd be wrong.


Edstock said...

Um, genocide can really put people off. Aren't Armenians people, too?

Anyway, FWIW, Canadian business has been in Turkey for decades. Old Nortel had a manufacturing plant in Netas, and Ford has a giant factory at Otosan, producing Transit, Transit Connect, C-Max (coming) and other vehicles.

meadowlark said...

Wasn't Harper the one who founded the, Northern Foundation Party? He is a Reformer and the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his party? This was in 1989.

It could be, Turkey doesn't trust Harper. Canada now has a very bad name, because of Harper. One country said, Harper is a petty gasbag, arrogant, stubborn, impossible to work with and co-operates with no-one. Harper is considered a p.i.t.a. At meetings of the Nations, Harper always manages to infuriate, pretty much every country present.

Harper lost Canada's seat in the U.N. Country's are now excluding Harper, from some of the, multi- Nations meetings.

Harper wants nothing to do with, any meetings on climate change. He absolutely wants to be an energy giant, a big shot on the international scene. You hit the nail, directly on the head with that call.

Scientists are not permitted, to publish their papers. Everything has to go through Harper first. He has slashed Environment Canada to the bare bones, 700 scientists out of work. No bad press about Harper's beloved tar sands, must escape.