Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking Rosie to the movies

In the theme of the last post, I have posted clips from film for Ms. DiManno. It's a war film about those "wars in distant lands" she's so fond of.



Alison said...

Stephen Harper on CBC- TV Sept. 18 2006 :
"I can tell you it's certainly engaged our military," the Prime Minister told CBC. "It's, I think, made them a better military notwithstanding — and maybe in some way because of — the casualties."
Harper added that Canada's current role in Afghanistan is "certainly raising Canada's leadership role, once again, in the United Nations and in the world community."

Alison said...

Here's another film for Rosie :
The War You Don't See

CathiefromCanada said...

Anyone who promotes sending young people to war should see these films, particularly the horrendous impact of explosions.
(Also, I found it personally very interesting, Boris -- I broke my leg quite badly 15 years ago and wore an external fixator for five months. I still have a plate on my fibula.)