Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fireworks . . .

WIRED has a great piece on DIY fireworks. It seems that there are those who find commercial fireworks dull and banal, and some have resorted to making their own.

Essentially all public shows will use mass-produced factory fireworks, mostly from China; competition and regulation have largely snuffed out U.S. makers. These fireworks are cheap and abundant, great for post-barbecue reverie but unsatisfying to discerning eyes.

“In municipal displays you’ll see quantity over quality,” said Niesen, a member of Northern Lighter Pyrotechnics. “For something really spectacular, the public should come to the conventions of fireworks clubs.”

Fireworks clubs? Somehow, I don't think there are very many Canadian hobbyists. With the extreme firearms paranoia of urban Canadians, I bet the purchase of all the firework fixin's is prohibited.

Anyway, check out how BIG some of those fireworks are! AWESOME!


double nickel said...

What could possibly go wrong?

Edstock said...

Check out what happened in Holland in 2000:


Wait til about 2:30, then OMG.

double nickel said...

Whoops...there's the answer to my question: