Friday, July 01, 2011

Competence . . .

THE BOSTON HERALD has a mind-boggling report. Apparently, the municipal workers at Veteran’s Memorial Pool at Lafayette Park in Fall River aren't the sharpest tools in the drawer. You see, poor Marie Joseph (above) went into the pool, and didn't come outfor over two days. YIKES!

Later that night, city officials said a young couple who jumped the pool’s 7-foot fence for an illicit, after-hours dip discovered the body of 36-year-old Marie Joseph.

The gruesome discovery has touched off a “top-to-bottom review” by the Department of Conservation and Recreation of all 24 state-run pools that were closed Wednesday, but Gov. Deval Patrick said he hopes to reopen them by the Fourth of July.

Considering it's about swimming pools, maybe they might want to make that "bottom-to-top".

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