Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rupert Murdoch is not a banker

Mr. Murdoch is a media mogul. He doesn't hold sway in the global financial system like the folks at Goldman Sachs, or any of the houses responsible for the crash in 2008. He isn't someone of import to the economic ideology of political leaders. Especially since his papers have spied on said political leaders (among other more important people). In that context, he might actually be seen as expendable for very practical reasons.

Virtually everyone but the fanatic right stands to gain from his disenfranchisement. There is blood in the water now. This could be really interesting.


doconnor said...

He produces the propaganda that ensures the people let the banks get away with what they do. He is an vital link in the chain and would be difficult to replace if lost.

Boris said...

I'd say he is replaceable and it seems he's now bitten a number of generous hands. His media empire like any other large firm can be broken up and/or auctioned off.

Anonymous said...

He is replaceable and will be replaced. But he has made lieing a normal form of journalistic practice. His minions have enabled the powerful to rape countries and commit all sorts of crimes by ignoring them, attacking whistle blowers and promoting politicians who go along with his deceptions.
He is to some degree worse than the financial parasites in world banking, in that he enables them to get away with it secretly.
Hopefully this light will now make imitating his "success" more difficult for his replacement.

Niles said...

If he's been at all successful at spying, the reason he's gotten as far as he has is because he has goods on people who might otherwise deny him the legal access and power concentration he's gained.

'we'll all go down together'. Extortion is a mighty inducement in finding cover from human shields unwilling to lose their own status.