Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peter Russell on this election

Via Impolitical


Alison said...

Heh. Signed in to the Beav a minute ago to post that very vid.

Niles said...

What's the betting pool on how fast he's declared a well-intended but deluded, fearmongering Liberal shill? Or NDP shill. Elite ivory tower latte sipping shill? It's hard to keep up with shillages these days. Shillings?

Note this bolshevik's sneaky sweater vest wearing attempt to get in good with Real(tm) Elder Canadians.

Don't mind me, I spent Easter listening to a grandelder stating how the Conservatives were giving her 6$ a month cost of living increase so she was voting for them and not those other shifty sorts. Nevermind cost of living is higher than that and...sigh.

Hopefully, we not-quite-so-elder coots corrupted the 'ute' voting for the first time to go bad right out of the gate. He has 'shitharperdid' on his facebook page, so I think it took.