Sunday, April 24, 2011

Too Bad It's a Holiday and Hockey Playoff Season . . . .

or more people might have tuned in to Dawna Friesen's "One on One" interview with stevie this evening.

Basically, she ripped him a new one and he didn't look at all comfortable about it. Note how he says "The platform we're not running on is real" at the 4:15 mark.

Since Kevin Newman left "Global National" I had been withholding judgment on Ms. Friesen's creds, but she outdid her MSM colleagues on this one.

Good job . . . .

Sorry, I couldn't locate a non-commercial-included copy of the video.


Dana said...

Global's yanked it and Dawna's looking for a new job.

Dana said...

Could someone please delete any comments of mine that contain that pic. It shouldn't be there but dear old blogger won't allow me to lose it.

Dana said...


Dana said...

there...btw I was wrong Bob. I found it.

West End Bob said...

Lost and Found:

Glad you found the video and lost the pic, Dana!

Have you voted in the Advance Polls yet, or are you going to join the throngs next week ? ? ? ?

Dana said...

Next week. I like the day and I want to experience it one more time before it's gone. :-)

b_nichol said...

Again, that was so thoroughly bizarre.

Harper managed to deliver the standard answer to every question posed of him this campaign:
- never answer directly
- opposition parties ganged up
- Canadians didn't want election
- majority = not another election
- best coming out of recession
- majority = continue economic plan
- Canadians don't want different govt than voted for
- majority = (constitutional?) stability

Kudos to Friesen for finally taking the constitutional framing out of the coalition question - now it's just 'this' coalition that is to be feared (some bogeyman, new costume).

For most of this election, Harper has - all this braggadocio about working well with others aside - been noticeably absent in replying to his ability, or willingness, to compromise. His two replies have been a) the other parties won't play with me any more, or b) need majority to push legislation that we couldn't with a minority (curiously, he didn't bring up the second). Friesen trapped Harper into finally admitting he had an obligation to work with other parties.

Mr Mansbridge should take note: when you think of the interviewee as Mr Harper, leader of the Conservatives running for election, rather than Prime Minister Of All That Is Grand And Great In Our Benevolent Society, you too might generate some truth-telling.