Thursday, April 07, 2011

Creep apologises for creeping

Yeah, perhaps it dawned on him that it looks very bad to have party operatives looking at the facebook pages of young women for evidence of contrarian politics.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is apologizing to anyone who has been removed from his party's campaign rallies, three days after the allegations first surfaced.



Niles said...

"If anybody is kept out of any of our events that is there to hear our message, we obviously apologize to them," Harper said on Thursday.

"If..." "that is there to hear our message"

Is that an apology? It's not even acknowledging any ejections and rejections have happened.

The commentary howlers are hooting that the RCMP said Ms Awish was unregistered to be at the rally ergo she was just some fibbing lieberal trouble maker and her fellow travellers too. Also too, Forbes.

Uncommoner said...

It's not an apology.

I doubt Harper even knows the meaning of the word, and just watching him try to form the words "I'm sorry" would be delicious.

He might even burst into flames.

Dana said...

I want to see Harper's birth certificate. I want to hold the original my hand.

Alison said...

Dana, he wasn't born, he was hatched - from a reptile egg.