Monday, April 04, 2011

Dear Liberals, NDP, Greens, and possibly Bloc:

If these poll projections remain flat throughout this campaign, Stephen Harper could eat a live kitten on TV and still find himself heading a minority government after 2 May. You will, as individual parties, have lost three elections in a row to a gang of thugs whom you found to commit one of the highest crimes of office.

Liberals: Seeing that your fearless leader has sworn you out of a coalition, you will have some house cleaning to do. Fire Ignatieff as party leader. Replace him with Bob Rae or if need be, a lump of cheese. Then make whatever deal the other parties might demand for their support. Then go meet with David Johnson and ask to form the next government. Failing that push the Conservatives to a confidence vote at the earliest moment and run as a coalition in the subsequent election.

NDP, Greens and Bloc: Work with the Liberals. Make it happen. Set your petty little partisan egos aside and remove the Conservatives. This country needs a sea change or we will hit a dark place from which we will not recover.

Keep in mind that if the coward manages to pull off a majority this election, he will destroy the democratic and institutional structures that allow you to exist as parties. You might well come to realise in retrospect that you are fighting for your political lives this April as much as you are the Canada you claim to represent.

Plus what Thwap said

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thwap said...

yeah, i really don't know why Ignatieff ruled it out from the start.

it's the only solution to find stable government if harper returns with a minority.

given the fact that harper was ahead in the polls, inertia made it likely that he'd get a minority.

tell people you're running to replace harper. you're running to put your party in as the government and that you will respond to the choices of Canadian voters at the appropriate time.

now, the whole post-election result will be compromised if ignatieff goes back on his ridiculous promise.

Scanner said...

"Seeing that your fearless leader has sworn you out of a coalition"
Remember, P.Trudeau ran on a election platform against R. Stanfield of no price and wage controls: "Zap you're frozen"
Immediately after, he instituted price and wage controls. Honestly? We were relieved. I was in charge of a catalogue - 200+ pages and I was printing a price supplement every 30 days.
If Iggy forms a coalition government with Jack and (even) Gilles, people will cheer. Except for Calgary and maybe Kamloops.

Dana said...

Wouldn't it be great?

I don't see it happening yet though. We're not nearly far enough down the drain for the partisan scales to dropping from eyes.

Read this guy and you'll get a taste of what I mean.

He doesn't care a flying fig what happens to Canada or Canadians as long as his derivative doxology rules the day.

liberal supporter said...

He ruled out a coalition, however an Ontario 1985 style accord is not ruled out. No Cabinet seats.

On the other hand, offering *every* national party a Cabinet seat would not be a coalition, it would be a "national unity" government. The CPC seat would of course be left empty by them, because they are just too spiteful to work with others.

But given the current momentum, and Steve's daily shooting himself in the foot, the unthinkable could happen.

Steve can survive as a dork or as a doofus, but "Why only 5 questions? Because now you have 4" and "We background check our rally participants better than our advisors" is starting to make him a laughingstock. That is fatal if it continues.

Moon Rattled said...

It just kills me that the opposition, which together "represent" the majority of the electorate are so cowed and wimpy in the face of these fascists. Or they (Layton) think they can make deals and inch ahead somehow. Are you kidding me? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Harper is Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.