Wednesday, September 08, 2010

University (of Alberta) absurdity

Perusing an interesting post on possible effects of the Harper War on Knowledge(tm), I discover my skool'z dropped 19 spots in one international ranking...despite our preznit's mission-statementised postivistastic CEO marketing slogan about putting us in the top 20 by 2020.

I wonder if it would help the ranking to stop giving the prez dumptrucks of university tax-payer money, and you know, let some departments keep their phones to make it easier to do the research that kicks those shiny rankings up a notch or 80 (yes, I have it on solid word they are taking phones away from profs in at least one department. Apparently they're supposed to write telephone service budgets into their grants.).

To analogise the anti-drug ad: This is your university. This is your university on corporatisation.

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