Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TransCanada in Texas . . .

TRUTHOUT is a fine site for concerned citizens, and Candice Bernd has an account you should check out, "SLAPPed, Arrested, Deemed Eco-Terrorists: TransCanada Blockaders Persevere". It seems that there are concerned Americans, that don't want Stevie's Tar.  Sure seems to have fallen in a black hole as far as the news media are concerned, but I could be mistaken.

The Midwestern leg of TransCanada's pipeline is up and running after a five-day shut-down to repair areas where required integrity tests identified possible safety issues, according to the federal agency that oversees the existing 2,100-mile link.

Meanwhile, in East Texas, a contingent of Tar Sands Blockaders maintains their vigil - now in its fifth week - to stop construction on the Gulf Coast extension of the controversial project.

The nonviolent blockaders have been met with pain compliance tactics, felony charges, a SLAPP suit which uses the language of "eco-terrorism" and what amounts to a police state surrounding their tree village in Winnsboro, Texas.

DIRTY OIL SANDS has an account of an August encounter with the Man. Interesting site, check it out.

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