Wednesday, July 16, 2014

John Baird, international man of something or other


Canada is adding a further 14 individuals to the list of those sanctioned over Russia's ongoing involvement in the situation in Ukraine...
"Peace will only be achieved if Russia and the gunmen it continues to support start showing good faith in talks with Kyiv," he said, calling on Russia to stop arming insurgents and draw down its forces on the Ukrainian border.
Baird called news Friday of the deaths of 30 Ukrainian soldiers "shocking" and pointed to "Russian-sponsored subversion and violence."
Right now Russia is more or less letting the insurgency it supports die on the vine. Putin has likely worked out that would be some kind of colossal error that would end up costing Russia quite a lot in its relationship with the world. Otherwise, the Ukraine army wouldn't have been able to push it back to Donetsk so easily or at all. There could even be Russian troops pouring into Ukraine. That could possibly still happen, but for now it's probably best to let things evolve as they are.

There is NO need to bring in new sanctions against Russians, least of all from Canada. US, European, and NATO responses will draw Russia's attention because they can actually hurt Russia. The impact of Canadian sanctions would be neglible to the Russians and could actually be of greater harm to Canada, because - if Russia even bothers to respond - it will direct its response at Canada in some way. Alas, it made the Cons feel all tingly and tough.


gingersnap said...

Harper is rabid and frantic, to be a big shot on the International scene. Baird is just as laughable as Harper is to Putin.

Harper thinks we don't see him, buying up ethnic votes. The list keeps growing. There are the Chinese, Jewish, Ukrainians, Polish and the people of India.

I wonder what chunk of Canada, Harper will give to another country, to buy up their votes?

Harper and his cabal are low enough? To walk under snake bellies wearing, tall top hats.

Troy Thomas said...

The only sanctions NATO could use that would hurt Russia would hurt NATO just as badly. Russia knows this. NATO knows this. Therefore, it's never mentioned.
That would be sanctioning Russia's oil exports. It's always about Russia's gas in the news. But gas is only important to the Ukraine.
Which is why Russia shut off the gas to the Ukraine. Now, they need only wait until the winter, and for Ukraine's stored gas to run out.

Steve said...

I had cause to thinkaboot Kurt Vonnegut Jr recently and found a nice graphic of one of his quotes.

My greatest horror would be to wake up one morning and find I was being ruled by my high school class."

Thats the Harper gov in a nutshell.