Tuesday, July 08, 2014

End of Harpergov?

The always good to read Kirbycairo makes the case that endless anger politics and court-corrected legislation has doomed the Harpercons in the next election.

I'd say yes, likely true if all other things were equal. However, this is also why why the Fair Elections Act exists. They just need enough seats, not all of the seats to keep on keeping on and I simply don't trust the FPTP system and the Governor General to deny them that, even without robocalls or whatever new skulduggery they've connived in dark corners for the next election.

After so long with Harper at the helm, the party had been reduced to one office and an operating mode that effectively denies the legitimacy of anything that opposes them, be it the parlimentary opposition, non-supporters, the Constitution, scientists, everyday Canadians, and so on and so forth.

This is THE problem for them because it means that they will never appeal to a majority of Canadians, and hence cannot sustain majority wins in fair elections. 
There's also no coherent recovery, if there is a recovery at all for the Cons if they lose and deep down they know it.  Why? Because they've concentrated power at the top, rewarded fealty and crushed initiative which means that rising stars only rise so far and none but the Glans has executive authority. More importantly, they've snuffed out the best of both their Reform and Tory roots, which involved a mature understanding of and respect for institutions of government and democracy and a clear ideology. They only destroy things now. With those things gone there's no foundation left to rebuild on.

They'll fight like cornered animals.


the salamander said...

.. they are cowards stuffedwith dim rhetoric .. primitive, reptilian, self serving, smug.. and it appears, a great many are evangilical.. they will go down squiming in disbelief.. and that reality, their descent to infamy is badly needed

Steve said...

I hope the world takes my idea to Heart. I do not expect Harper to ageree, but for Justin there is hope.

Alison said...

It's just a flesh wound.

Steve said...

I realize Justin may be loathe to poke the Industrial Complex Bear, bu t what a perfect wedge issue the F35 is especially with all the great Air Show Quotes and Video.

With a great sense of Irony I blog about the reasons it may be the French that save Harper from historical humiliation.