Sunday, July 06, 2014

Disaster Putin Posin'

"Honey, that Harper boy is at again with his Putin Posin'."

"Let me be clear, I'm really a pilot. Why do you ask?"
Vlad, smiling for the camera in his Bear near Canada
as Stephen snaps his photo from his
prime ministerial CF-18. (I wonder if they trade pics?)
Word: It's not even a disaster in Manitoba, and may not be. There've been no evacuations yet in Manitoba's annual flood (seriously, it's what happens there because it's a floodplain, sigh), just "water lapping at farm buildings" and yet there he is...


Steve said...

why is wearing a Jacket at all? We know why he is faking military cred.

MgS said...

Where there's something bad happening, you'll find a Conservative jonesing for a photo-op.

Edstock said...

It hides the beer gut?

gingersnap said...

Good grief!! Is Harper ever piling on the pounds.

However, when it comes to military savvy and surviving a fire fight? I would say, Putin has the edge on Harper.

Putin was KGB. Harper was a mail room clerk, in the same oil company, his Dad worked for. Other than that, Harper has lived off the tax payers dime. People seem to get a kick out of, Harper wearing his flight jackets.