Thursday, July 03, 2014

Another of Christy Clark's sparkle ponies dies

Let's see ... how should we word this?

You may not like fucking BC Ferries, but BC Ferries likes fucking you!

BC Ferries, A CORPORATION IN WHICH THE ONLY SHAREHOLDER IS THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA which is wholly funded by the taxpayers of British Columbia, which makes it a citizen owned entity, has announced that it is building its next three ships in Poland

Isn't that just about the most interesting thing you've heard in the last ten minutes?

Seaspan, the only Canadian shipbuilder on the short list for construction, withdrew its bid because it could not guarantee delivery before 2017. Its order book, according to Seaspan, is full, primarily due to a federal government order for an entire fleet of new ships.

Except for one small item. They haven't even ordered the steel for the ships ordered by the federal government because the Harper government has played this like a dog fucking a football.

And Christy Clark? Well she's a mid-day radio blather-head so far out of her depth as to be laughable if she wasn't so goddamned dangerous.

Here you go Clark! Chew on your own fucking words!
"It won’t be just a matter of us building BC Ferries," Clark said. "We want to build ferries for countries all over the world here."
 When that pitchfork hits her in the ass we can only hope she deflates as fast as her sparkle ponies.


RossK said...

And the bizarrest of bizarre bizarrities?

BC Ferries actually states, in its own press release that it is happy (for us) to pay for $51 million for Canadian taxes and federal import duties">'$51 million for Canadian taxes and federal import duties'...



RossK said...

Of course that is an 'extra' $51 million.


Dave said...

Yup! And there will be no exemption this time. They are fully aware that they are spending all this money offshore ... and they're smiling about it!

Alison said...

$51M you say. Huh. When the Fast Cats were sold, it was for a $52 million loss.
Perhaps we should call these ones FatCats - Sparklepony Explorer, Sparklepony Discovery, and Sparklepony Voyager

Steve said...

I guess Ukraine refused the order as well.

North Van's Grumps said...

Washington Seaspan is is far from being "Canadian".

A TFW owns it lock, stock and barrel

gingersnap said...

Christy Clark's brother was involved with the, Washington Marine Group which is now SeaSpan in BC. Most of us knew, BC people wouldn't get the jobs.

Contracts won by Americans, usually bring over their own workers. Such as, the tear down of the old smelter in Kitimat and the building of the new smelter as well.

Every foreign country that owns a chunk of Canada, always brings over their own labor.

Besides which? Harper hates BC because, we oppose him. Harper is a very vindictive little boy. We don't even know how much of BC, has been handed over to China?

Dave said...

NVG, oh yeah, I know Dennis Washington's grasp all too well. It was however, the only hope to keep the work in BC. No other shipyard can actually manage the construction.

Dave said...

Alison, I love it! Let's toss those in when BC Ferries has their inevitable "naming contest".

Ross, I'm guessing the BC Ferries Vacation "Twinkle Team" was working their own silo during this one.

The Mound of Sound said...

Damn. If the people of this province had any say in the matter those ferries would be built here. Nobody I know buys this nonsense about BCF being at arm's length.